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We are the manufacturer and supplier specialized in weighing products, we have devoted ourself to the development and improvement of weighing technology and system for nearly 15 years since it found on 1998, who also take the swiftest result of the weighing process and the highest precision of weighing result as their target for every weighing solution they supply!

Now we can make and supply weighing indicators, load cells, junction boxes, etc. for scale companies and dealers; Bench and platform scales, floor scales, truck scales, and other scales for industrial weighing solutions; Price computing scales, weighing scales, bar code scales, etc. for commericial weighing field; Weight and height scales, baby scales, etc. for medical use; Pocket scales, kitchen scales, etc. for household use... Please refer here to get more info about all our products



News & Events

Nov. / 2014

Moved to the new workshop nearby Pudong International Airport, many new products being developed...

Nov. / 2014

OIMLGreenMOIML approval for X1R(G)M/X3(A)R(G)(W)M/X5R(G)M indicators from NMI

Aug. / 2013

GreenMEC Type Approval for PC5/PC6/WX/CST table scales from Delta


April / 2012

OIMLGreenMOIML approval for X1M/X3(A)M/X5M indicators from NMI


May, 2011

BluetoothBluetooth indicator launched

Bluetooth crane scale launched


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Professional weighing products manufacturer and supplier for nearly 15 years...Knows what you need!


Quality products make only
Use OIML/NTEP approved load cells and indicators for our products....


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What you get is not only the products, you can get our 24x7 service at any time

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