Important Details Related To Washdown Scale

Washdown ScaleBalances and scales are used in various industries for a varied number of reasons. They are used in demanding situations and sometimes in conditions which are less challenging. There are some scales that are designed to fit into certain situations such as the waterproof scales. These belong to a special category of scales as they can resist solid particles and liquids from getting inside their internal parts. Such scales are used in plenty of companies and industries.

Why is the Scale Termed as Washdown?

The term is related to protection. The scale is protected from dust, water, and many other substances irrespective of how it is handled or cleaned. Ingress protection is the term that technically expresses the kind of resistance offered by the scale. The buyers need to check the IP rating on the washdown scale and make sure it matches the requirements before making a purchase. For instance, IP68 Waterproof scale offers protection from dust ingress, wherein IP stands for Ingress Protection with 6 related to protection from solid particles and 8 from liquids.
Sometimes, we think that a stainless steel scale can work wonders for its durable nature. Well, even though it is made from stainless steel, it may not be resistant to dust or water. Hence, finding out the IP rating is a must in such a situation.

Varieties of Waterproof Scales

Let us have a look at the types of scales available in the industry.

1. Retail Scale:

If you are looking for any washdown scale for trade purposes, then choose retail scales. These are compact as well as functional and offer many features such as the display of price per unit, total cost, and weight. These are portable and convenient for use as well.

2. Floor Scale:

Floor scales are used to measure the weight of heavy items. If you deal in heavier and bigger loads, then it is better to purchase floor waterproof scale. These scales come with additional features such as the ability to perform complex percentage calculations, count parts, and much more. These are versatile in nature and can perform many functions at once. Some of the floor scales offer a functionality to connect with other devices as well.

3. Bench Scale:

These scales are perfect for small-sized to medium-sized loads. Also, if you have a space crunch then opt for a bench scale as it can fit into small spaces. However, do not use the same for heavy loads. This scale provides protection from dust and other harmful particles.

Applications of Washdown Scale

There are many industries where washdown scales are used, especially in areas where complex situations prevail. Some of the common places where these are used are construction sites, warehouses and factories. A lot of pharmaceuticals and medical industries make use of these scales for various purposes. These devices are not just designed for weighing but are used for other purposes too such as speeding up the cleaning procedure, and checking the condition of various components, among others.
Before deciding, it is important to know the purpose of scale as it is a long-term investment. However, IP68 Waterproof scale works best in most of the conditions.

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