Junction boxes, remote displays, printers, wireless solutions, load cell stimulators, batteries, adaptors, and cables.

JBA/L Junction Box

ABS or alluminum alloy houseing/ IP68 gland

JB Junction Box

Stainless steel/ IP68 gland

ELS Stimulator

For analog load cell stimulating /Wide range of input signal and excitation voltage/3 levels of output per round

LCS Stimulator

Stimulating analog load cell output /Standard DB9 connector

DB Connectors

Aluminum alloy housing/Super bright dot matrix LED display




Support Bluetooth SPP & GAP/No need driver, work with all RS232 devices/Up to 100m work distance


RS232-USB cable/Transmitting data to computer/Display on Excel, word, etc.

WSW Wireless Box

Aluminum wireless connection/Long working distance of 150m/LED lights

RBOX Wireless Box

Wireless connection/Used for remote display, PC, printer

P76 Dot Matrix Printer

Widely used in cash register, banking, POS etc.

NT Dot Matrix Printer

Independent power switch/Mounting sockets on bottom/Using for wall mounted

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