Load Cells

Single point load cells, shear beam load cells, compression load cells, S type load cells, load cell modules and accessories

M8M Weighing Module

Alloy steel material. Suitable for M8R load cells. Big capacity up to 60Ton.

M5M Weighing Module

Alloy steel material (s.s material optional). Suitable for M5 load cells. Anti-overloading design.

FT28 FT28s Load Cell assembly

FT28 - Alloy steel. FT28 - S.S & alloy steel. For M28 and M28s. Easy installation.

M28M M28SM Weighing Module

M28M: Weighing module for M28. M28SM: Weighing module for M28s.

M13P M15P M17P Load Cell assembly

Suitable for M13 | M15 | M17. IP67 protection with silicon sealed.

M9 M9M Double-ended Beam Load Cell

M9 - analog output M9M - OIML approved M9D | M9MD - digital output Alloy steel material Heavy-duty structureIP68 protection class Nickel plated process With mounting cups -easy to center-positioned by itself Up to 40000kg capacity

M36i Canister Load Cell

M36i Analog output Stainless steel material OIML approved Capacity up to 50t M36D Digital output Alloy steel material optional s.s material Capacity up to 40t

M5 Bending Beam Load Cell

M5 - Alloy steel material M5M - Stainless steel material IP67 protection class M5M with OIML/NTEP approval Capacity up to 1000kg

M3M S-Type Load Cell

17-4Ph stainless steel material Fully welded construction IP68 protection Capacity up to 300Kg

M28 M28m Shear Beam Load Cell

Alloy steel material IP67 protection sealed Capacity up to 10000Kg

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